Did HAARP ship drop anchor in Çanakkale?

Did HAARP ship drop anchor in Çanakkale?

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This article is more than 3 year old.

The posts, which were shared on social media and news websites, also sent to Teyit, claimed that HAARP ship dropped anchor in Çanakkale and caused resonance and triggered earthquakes. There have been some claims about HAARP ship from time to time. For this time, it came up with the article of Alper Sunaçoğlu, an ex-national swimmer, which was published on the website called Özgür İfade with the title of “Manifesto for Action” on 15 April 2020. Sunaçoğlu had said on April 21, 2020, that he would swim until the ship in Çanakkale for protest.


According to the article written by Alper Sunaçoğlu, HAARP ship dropped anchor off İzmir-Çanakkale. He claimed that this ship started seismic attacks and caused earthquakes in Istanbul. There is no information about how he got this information and the relationship between earthquakes and this ship.

When we search the photo by the reverse visual search method, we see that it is a sea-based radar warning system known as SBX-1. This system, which was taken by the US government for use in the ballistic missile defense system in 2003, was named as SBX-1, Marine Based X-Band Radar-1 in 2005. The SBX-1 system is built on a platform. This platform is transported by ships and then left to the sea. The radar is located inside the white ball, which is visible on the platform. The purpose of this shield is to protect the radar system from effects such as wind and precipitation. Thanks to the radar integrated into the missile defense system, missiles that can pose a threat can be detected. The system in the photo is not related to the HAARP system.


Illustration: Radar warning system

sbx bird gemiPhoto: SBX-1

HAARP, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is a scientific program that aimed at studying the properties of the ionosphere. The program aims to investigate the physical and electrical properties of the ionosphere, the outermost layer of the world, that may affect military and civilian communication and navigation systems. Antennas called IRI (Ionospheric Research Instrument) are used for measurement. Thanks to these antennas, high-frequency radio waves are sent to the ionosphere. There is also technical information regarding the HAARP system on Alaska Fairbanks University's website and social media accounts. However, there is no information that this system can be carried on a ship or that such a ship is available. Evrim Ağacı has made detailed research about this issue and answered the questions about HAARP.

haarp anten dizisi

Photo: Antennas of HAARP system, Alaska

There have been some conspiracy theories about HAARP about the earthquake in Gölcük in 1999. However, it is not possible to connect the earthquakes with HAARP. When the continents in the lithosphere layer of the earth and the plates forming the ocean floors move in opposite directions, which is constantly experienced, earthquakes occur. Teyit also prepares videos on the claims about HAARP.

It is known that there was a giant oil exploration ship arriving in Çanakkale when the claim that HAARP ship anchored off Çanakkale began to spread. The oil exploration platform Scarabeo 9, which came from Romania and went to the Port of Cartegena in Spain, crossed the Dardanelles on 16 April 2020. However, this oil ship does not contain a radar warning system such as SBX-1 or it is not a HAARP ship. Besides, it is seen on the site called Marine Traffic, where the ship routes can be followed, that Scarabeo 9 left Istanbul.

scarabeo petrol arama canakkale

In conclusion, the claim is not true. HAARP is a facility and cannot be transported by ships. The photos in the claim belong to the radar warning system. The post in question is an example of fabricated content.

Update: 24/04/2020

Information about the oil ship Scarabeo 9 passing through the Dardanelles on 16 April 2020, was added