• True: The fact-check reveals that the claim is true.
  • False: The fact-check reveals that the claim is false.
  • Mixed: The multiple premises in this claim contain both true and false information.
  • Unable to finalise: The evidence is not enough to label the claim as true, false, or mixed.

Types of False Information:

  • Misleading: Misleading projection of the real meaning.
  • Imposter: Imitated content or accounts of a person or an institution.
  • Manipulation: Information altered via picking, adding or removing.
  • Parody: Content prepared for entertainment or teasing and have the potential of misleading users.
  • Fabricated: Content fabricated and that is not correct at all.
  • False Connection: Photos, videos, quotes or headlines that are wrongly connected to an actual event.
  • False Context: Retelling true information by removing the incidents, situations, or relations.