Does the photo show the security tag on a product in a market?

Does the photo show the security tag on a product in a market?

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The photo, sharedon social media and news websites, and sent to Teyit, was claimed to showthesecuritytagonthecheesein amarket. The claim says the reasonforthe tagwasprice risein cheese and the photo was taken in a branch of Migros.

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Teyit reached Migros officers to get information about the claim. The person we talked stated that they knew the photo in the claim, but they did not know in which branch it was taken. The officer confirmed that the tag belonged to them. The tags are used for high-priced products such as alcohol and cosmetics and sometimes used for different products.

Teyit also learned on which market the photo was taken from the person who took and shared the photo. İpek Atcan, to whom we reached via e-mail, informed that the photo of the cheese with the security tag was taken on the Migros Jet in Şişli on 5 June. Teyit reached Migros Jet, but the market official stated that the claim was not correct and that they did not put a tag on the cheese. İpek Atcan shared another image with Teyit, showing the location where the photo was taken. The photo was taken in Migros Jet on Şişli Kurtuluş Avenue.

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We can also verify that there is Migros Jet at the location of cheese that have security tags on Google Maps.

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Besides, according to the information we get, the market removed the tags on cheese.

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On the other hand, the brand of the cheese on the photo, Doğruluk Peynir, declared on Twitter that the security tags were put on their products in the markets where the burglary rate is high and that has not been a new practice.

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The products of Doğruluk Peynir were put on the shelves with the security tags in another market.

High-priced products such as alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, and electronic devices have security tags or are put on the shelves in transparent boxes. This tag system has been extended to other products over time. Recently, tags have been started to be put on products such as diapers, baby food, toothpaste, chocolates, and razors in some markets. Along with the increasing prices in cheese, putting tags on some brands' products in the markets has started to be practiced.

In May 2020, food prices increased by 12.21 percent compared to the same month in Turkey last year. The price increase in white cheese in the same period was 23.20 percent.

In conclusion, the claim is true. Migros can put security tags on the products in their branches. The corporate communications officials confirmed the security tag in the photo belongs to them.