Educational Activities

Educational Activities


In Teyit, there are instructors who specialize in different fields such as fact-checking, critical thinking, social entrepreneurship, critical digital literacy, and digital security.

So far, we have organized workshops for many institutions and communities and enriched all our workshops with high-interaction online methods.

Educational activities we participate in while prioritizing social impact:

  • seminar (presentation followed by question and answer)
  • presentation (interactive presentation)
  • workshop (hands-on and interactive)

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Our educational content and programs

We work so that everyone can develop critical thinking skills to the level of a fact-checker, and we produce content and design programs for this.


All types of content in different formats that provide digital critical thinking skills, point out the misinformation problem, convey the importance of fact-checking, and aim to help Teyit‘s followers think like a fact-checker.

Teyit Yolu (Road to Fact-checking)

In our Teyit Yolu series, where we provide fact-checking tips and introduce verification tools with a creative video format, we want to share our fact-checking process with our followers. Because we know that everyone can be a fact-checker.

Dijital Veli (Digital Parents)

With the Dijital Veli newsletter, which we prepare specifically for parents, we aim to empower them with critical digital literacy skills. In this newsletter, which is sent to your mailbox every month, we discuss all kinds of ways to become a digital parent and support children.

t cetveli (t square)

t cetveli is a podcast series where we discuss current topics related to information, media, the internet, social networks with guests with who we share the same ecosystem.

Our Publications

With our publications, we offer in-depth, advanced readings about the field. We aim to strengthen individual fact-checking; all of the publications presented on our website are free and open source.

Our publications consist of original research and translated documents.

Öğretmenler için Eleştirel Dijital Okuryazarlık Projesi (Critical Digital Literacy Project for Teachers)

We believe in the qualifying and transforming power of teachers for a world where critical thinking is also a shared value in schools, and we think that being able to produce together with each other will empower us all. The project Critical Digital Literacy for Teachers (ö-edo), which we conduct in cooperation with the Teachers Network, is also based on this.

Teyit continues to produce new and creative ideas for each subject in the information ecosystem to discover its qualifying and transformative power.

If you think that we can produce together with your institution and your community, and you want to make critical thinking a shared value of the digital age, contact us at [email protected] with "EGITIM" caption.