Who are we?

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Teyit is a fact-checking organization aiming to make critical thinking a shared value for the agents of the information ecosystem. Intending to improve the information ecosystem, in Teyit, we carry out fact-checking and empowerment activities in cooperation with our stakeholders.

In Teyit, we have been analyzing suspicious information on the Internet, conducting educational activities to improve digital literacy and critical thinking skills, contributing to developing sustainable solutions to the misinformation problem by bringing together different actors since 2016.

IFCN Code of Principles Signatory

This badge indicates that Teyit's organizational and editorial processes comply with the principles of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). Teyit has been deemed qualified to be a signatory of the Code of Principles by proving to the Network's board and an independent assessor that we act impartially and fair, that our financial structure and organization are transparent, our methodology is available to everyone, and we publish correction policies.

Uluslararası Doğruluk Kontrolü Ağı

We regard these principles, which makes Teyit, Teyit, of great importance, and we conduct our activities in the light of these principles. Whether we comply with the principles or not is regularly assessed by an independent assessor.

If you believe that we have violated these principles, you can reach IFCN's complaints page using the button below.

IFCN Complaints Page

Açık Açık Social Enterprise Platform

Social enterprises are structures whose main objective is to solve social and ecological problems and engage in economic activities to provide sustainable solutions. Teyit is also a social enterprise. We believe that social enterprises are the business model of today and the future.

By taking part in "Açık Açık Sosyal Girişim Platform" we declare that we are a social enterprise for our objective, values, financial structure, functioning, and social and/or ecological impact focus.

Sosyal Girişimcilik
Corporate Structure

Teyit is a nonprofit social enterprise that prioritizes social impact and does not distribute the income it generates. We conduct all our work under Teyit Medya AŞ.