Our Values

The values that we have adopted are the basis of our work at Teyit. These values guarantee that we are always on the side of the facts.

Objectivity: We conduct our analysis pieces based on the importance, urgency, and prevalence of misinformation. In other words, what is important to us is the prevalence, the impact, and the criticality of the issue we fact-check. Not its place in the political spectrum.

Independence: As a social enterprise, we agree with all the subjects with whom we have a business relationship in Teyit that they will not interfere with any of Teyit's content. If there seems to be an intervention, we terminate the commercial relationship. The only thing we are connected to is the facts. Editorial independence is our red line.

Transparency: It is the most distinctive characteristic of Teyit. Our methods of work, team, financial resources, and correction policy are available for everyone.

How do we fact-check?

Importance, urgency, and prevalence constitute our selection criteria when fact-checking a topic. We always make sure that there are at least two clear proofs anyone can find. In matters that require expertise, such as medicine, we contact experts and related institutions and organizations. We include all the resources we use on our website.

Who will fact-check Teyit?

You. We publicly share the sources that you can confirm the "true" "false" or “mixed” result that we provide about the information, the proofs that we get, and our ways of fact-checking. Using different methods and resources, you can reach the same result in different ways.

Also, the independent inspectors of IFCN, of which we are a signatory, assess us every year on whether we are impartial and transparent.

We rely on you, that is, on our community, for the reliability of Teyit.