The man who tried to jump on a jet on July 15th

The man who tried to jump on a jet on July 15th

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This article is more than 6 year old.

After the failed coup of July 15th, another misinformation was a guy who tries to jump on jets flying on low altidute, by climbing on a building.

This story was shared by the user on social media.

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Also, another claim that citizens throwing rocks on jets started circulate along with the image below.


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The original version of the image forming the basis of the claim was published on a forum in 2004. As one can see from the original photograph below the illuminated board shaped like tulip is not there. So, it can be said that the image is not from the night of July 15th.


While the montaged image used by some news sites like Hürriyet in the stories unrelated with the subject, there is no reliable source about the people who tried to jump on the planes by climing on Soysal Building.