The claim that video showing a human-like female robot

The claim that video showing a human-like female robot

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Stories shared in social media and news sites such as En Son HaberDünya ve GerçeklerT24MilliyetHaber 7 and Webtekno claimed that the woman appearing in a video taken during the game show in Tokyo was a female robot in the form of human.

However, the claim that there is a human-like robot in the video is not true. The person in the video is an actress who was asked to act like a robot. The video shared in social media stirred many discussions on whether the woman is human or a robot.

The video game company Quantic Dream built a display for the 2017 Tokyo Game Show introducing their new game Detroit: Become Human with actors who are acting as robots. The game is about an android named Kara, who escapes from the factory she was made in.

It is possible to see other actors in the display built for game promotion.

Social Media Manager of Quantic Dream, Alia Chikhdene speak to the Independent, and stated that their display represented cyber life enacted by real people.

The information given on photos from Tokyo Game Show posted on Getty Images stated that those were models dressed as androids for the Detroit: Become Human.

Female models, not robots

Also, Instagram account of the actress Saori Takayama, who was taken for a robot, has user comments regarding how she was taken for a robot, and other photos from the Show.

Other posts shared by Laura Marie Howard, another actress dresses as android for Quantic Dreams can also be seen in the actress’ Instagram account.

tokyo oyun fuari quantic dreams oyuncu

Actors dressed as androids in another Quantic Dream event in Las Vegas in June:


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