The claim that the photo shows a human-like baby born from a pig

The claim that the photo shows a human-like baby born from a pig

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This article is more than 4 year old.

It was claimed that the pig on a picture, that was shared on social media and reported to, had given birth to a human-like baby.

The picture shared by a user saying “I’m shaking” on July 27, 2018, was retweeted 130 times and liked 438 times. It was circulated on Facebook as well and has been shared 41 thousand times until now. It was also shared on and Son Dakika Türk news channel with the claims that a pig has given birth to a human-like baby.


Picture belongs to a sculpture of Maganuco’s

The claim that the photo shows a pig that has given birth to a human-like baby is not correct. Photo belongs to one of the acetic silicon sculptures of Italian artist Laira Maganuco which is sold online.


The mentioned photo belongs to the sculpture “Hybrid pig baby”, which Laira Maganuco has made from acetic silicon which is easily shaped, in order to destruct the ordinary conception of aesthetics.

There are other works of art Maganuco has made with the same concept. Italian artist sells these products online.

In the mentioned photo there is a baby in an extraordinary form, laying down eyes shut down. The reason sculpture lays next to a real pig is to prove how realistic the sculptures are. It is possible to reach other photos of the sculptures from Maganuco’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Another sculpture of the artist has been shared earlier in Turkey with the claim “human-head cat-body creature”.


Italian artist is producing other works with the same concept

On the Premionocivelli website where modern Italian artists are introduced, we can see artist’s own words in their biography that Maganuco has a different understanding of art. They explain in the interview they have given to Words Social Form and in their own website that they make this kind of art to destruct people’s settled understanding of aesthetics and to express themselves.

Italian artist sells their products on and their own website.

They disclose the materials used for making the sculpture on

Pieces of silicon made of mouldable acetic silicon was used to make the head and body parts. These pieces are very soft pieces of platin silicon.

Here are some examples of Laira Maganuco’s other works:

kurankız6domuz cocuk

Before the post was shared in Turkey, the picture was shared in Malaysia and Vietnam. Picture shared by a Malaysian user on July 26 2018 has been retweeted 17 thousand times and liked 15 thousand times. On a Kenyan news website, the picture on Venasnews was shared with the claim that a pig was found in Muranga having given birth to a human-like living.

It is possible to access the analyses Malaysian and Australian verification websites have made after these pictures were widely shared on social media.

Similar claims were made on the internet earlier

In a similar claim shared as “the girl who tore apart the Quran” which became an urban myth, there was the alleged picture of a girl who tore apart the Quran. The picture stuck in hundreds of people’s minds through e-mail chains with this claim in the 2000s.


However, the mentioned picture belonged to a sculpture from an installation called “The Leather Landscapes” exhibited at Venice Biennale in 2003, made by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini who produces similar works of art to Maganuco’s.