The claim that several photos show dismembered body of Jamal Khashoggi

The claim that several photos show dismembered body of Jamal Khashoggi

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It was asserted that several photos shared on social media and in WhatsApp groups show dismembered body of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The photos shared on social media contains the images of severed limbs in black plastic bags and of a flayed off human face on white tiles.

These photos were shared with the claim that dismembered corpse of Khashoggi was found during the investigations of police team in Belgrad Forest, as well.

However, the claim that said photos show dismembered corpse of Khashoggi is not true. The photo showing flayed off face of a man was shared as the execution images of a Mexican cartel in 2017. Another photo of severed arms and legs belongs to an incident in Giza, Egypt reported as news on August 8, 2017. According to the news, a man was dismembered and his limbs were put into black plastic bags.

The photos showing severed limbs in bags were taken in Egypt

The photos showing the parts of a dismembered body placed into black plastic bags in Egypt were brought forward in August 2017 by numerous news sites. Office of the chief prosecutor made inspections and launched an investigation. In the incident which occurred in Al Warraq region, the human limbs severed and put into bags were found close by Munib metro station.

The photo of a flayed off human face belongs to 2017

It was claimed that the photo of a flayed off human face on white tiles was the image of an execution performed in 2017 by a Mexican drug cartel called Sinaloa. The image was shared in the same year. Besides, a warning message of the cartel was included on the website providing evidence for the claim. It can be understood that the dismembered person is not Khashoggi if the photos on this website are reviewed in detail.

Sinaloa cartel is one of the most leading drug, money laundering and organized crime gangs in the world.