The claim that a woman did not shake hands with Muharrem İnce

The claim that a woman did not shake hands with Muharrem İnce

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It is a long-standing tradition in Turkey that when the political candidates enter the designated areas to cast their votes, they exchange handshakes with voters, polling clerks, and election observers in the voting area. It is claimed on social media that a woman in the voting area did not shake hands with Muharrem İnce as the presidential candidate saluted the people in the room before casting his vote. The video shared by a Twitter user received 8 thousand likes and more than 873 thousand views.

The video was also shared by İPA News Agency with the tag #Seçim2018 (#Election2018).

muharrem ince elini sikti

Tweet: We will bury that grudge of yours hindering you from shaking hands into your own shameful history.

The woman in the video shakes hands with İnce

However, the allegation that the female voter did not shake hands with Muharrem İnce is not true. The female voter in question shakes hands with İnce but due to the angle of the camera, the gesture is hard to notice.

It can be seen that Mr. İnce, who cast his vote in Yalova, shakes hands with people around the ballot box. In a video published by Hürriyet, it is clear that the woman and İnce shake hands.

In another footage taken by İhlas News Agency, following his entrance to the voting area, Mr. İnce can be seen shaking hands with the woman in question.

Lastly, in a video shared by AFP on Twitter, shows İnce shaking hands with the woman.

Translation:Rumeysa Sena Şahbaz