List: Fake news spreading after the attempt of #TurkeyCoup

List: Fake news spreading after the attempt of #TurkeyCoup

This article is more than 6 year old.

Here is the list of fake news spreading in social media after the attempt of military coup on 15th July, 2016:

Attention: This list indicates some graphic and disturbing visuals

7) “Aliyev called for a ground war”

Claim: President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev stated that in case of a military coup d’etat taking place in Turkey, Azerbaijan would launch a ground war.


Any other unofficial regime than Republic of Turkey Official Government is not acceptable. If the rebellion in Turkey was not suppressed we would commence a ground operation to Turkey with my orders.

-President of Azerbaijan İlham Aliyev

Truth: There is no such a statement in Aliyev’s speech. Aliyev only expressed his condolences and his sadness regarding the attempt and emphasized the importance of the elected government.

6) “Image of beheading a soldier”

Claim: A picture that shows a Turkish soldier beheaded by protestors.


#neithercoupnordictatorship Am I the only one outraged by this photo!

Truth: This image is not taken on 15th of July in Istanbul but in Syria on 2013.

5) The image taken from Facebook page is created on behalf of Fatih Portakal (a journalist) 

Claim: Image on Portakal’s page claiming that the photo belongs to the soldier who was beheaded.


The soldier who killed by beheading is a son of our country. I am ashamed to look his smile on his face. The ones who butchered him should answer for it...

Truth: The photo belongs to Burak Salıvermez who shared it when he was doing the military service. He explained the misinformation on his Facebook and Instagram account.



4) “The bombardment of Ankara Police Station”

Claim: The video that was used in various media outlets including CNN Türk, T24 and Cumhuriyet daily.


Truth: The video shared as the “bombardment of Ankara Police Station” was actually filmed in Gaza, Palestine on 2014.


3) “The photo of the lynched soldier on the Bosphorus Bridge is an old picture”

Claim: The photo of the lynched soldier on the Bosphorus Bridge was taken on 2006 after a car accident.


The photo claimed to belong the beheading of a soldier actually belongs to a military vehicle accident from 2006.

Truth: Some popular Twitter users have claimed that the picture was actually taken on 2006 in Van after a car accident. However, after scanning the news of that car accident, there is no such an image related with it. Plus, many videos and periscope videos shared on social media confirms that this photo was taken on 15th of July, on the Bosphorus Bridge.

2) “Donald Trump’s tweet”

Claim: The presidential candidate of the US, Donald Trump tweeted that the soldiers are taking back their country and the same will happen in the US if he becomes the president.


Truth: It is a parody account; the real account of Trump is @realDonaldTrump

1) Photos after the attempt of coup d’etat

The photo below which is claimed to be taken in Ankara was actually taken in Egypt.


The photo below which is claimed to be taken at the Ataturk Airport is actually taken in Korea and on 2015.


The photo claimed to be from Ankara is actually from Egypt and it was taken on 2011.