List: Fake news spreading after July 13th Ankara explosion

List: Fake news spreading after July 13th Ankara explosion

This article is more than 7 year old.

1. Is the relative of Destina Deri Parlak the kid who read book in the Gezi Park.

An hour after the explosion a citizen in front of the Numune hospital got angry during an interview with the Hayat TV correspondent and said "Down with your government, religion and money". Some websites like Akit and Haber 7 claimed that this citizen is actually the protester who read books during the Gezi Park protests. The claim was also shared by Melih Gökçek.

sehit yakini provokator

We learn that the protester who read books to policemen is Hasan Hüseyin Karabulut, through an interview he joined with Ayşe Arman and this thread from Ekşi Sözlük.

The video in question was broadcasted on Hayat TV on March 13th, 22.50 but Hasan Hüseyin was in Malta as it can be seen from the screenshot taken from his Facebook page is from two hours ago of the explosion.

Ekran Resmi 2016 03 16 19.34.12

When we consider that there is 3,700 KM between Malta and Ankara, we can say that the man who lost his relative in the explosion is not Hasan Hüseyin Karabulut and these news sites are after provaction In an interview conducted by T24 he stated that he has been living in Malta for 4 months.

2. The paper collector Muharrem (14) is not among the deceased.

The claims in the image below are not ture. Althougn there is man named Muharrem Çermik among the deceased this person was 80 years old. Also the photograph used in the claim was used on March 15th 2014.

muharrem kagit iscisi

3. Nabi Avcı Resigned

nabi avci istifa

The story about Minister Nabi Avcı resigning on twitter has spread on Facebook. The screenshot above was taken from one these posts. Avcı does not have an official twitter account. "Parody account" was written in the profile details of @NabiAvci_MEB, the account responsible for the tweets. The twitter withold this account. The official account of the Ministery of Educaiton also denied the claims.

4. The spread claimed to be leaked from PKK's website is not a plan of attact but HDP's Newroz programme.

The spreadsheet claimed to be secured by hacking the website of PKK is actually the HDP's 2016 programme for Newroz. The related story is here.

fake tarih yerler newroz 575x1024 575x1024

5. The video with the slogan "Thief, murderer Erdoğan" is from October 11th.

According to this post on Facebook, the video was taken during protests for July 13th Ankara explosion. However, the video is dated October 11th 2015, after the explosion near Ankara Train Station.

6. The claims about evacuation of Gordion and Ankamall.

False. Gordion and Ankamall management has refuted claims to the journalists.


 7. March 20th warning by the US Embassy

There is no evidence or source supporting the claims that the US Embassy warning the capital owners with an intelligence note.

The embassy shared the warning publicly and warned about the Newroz celebrations on March 21th.


8. The KCK statement

The claims about KCK statement of \"An action that should be embraced from every angle\" is not ture. The statement was published on Birgün on March 11th and it is refering to Zinar, the offender of the attack on February 17th.


9. Hasan G. injured in the explosion

It was claimed that Hasan G, who was found in the frontyard of the Ministery of Justice, was injured in the attact. The friends of Hasan G. stated that "He was not injured in the explosion but he went there long after and fainted there.".


10. The number of deceased is 138

A senior manager from a public hospital unnamed, who wishes to be unnamed, stated that

"The number of deceased is not ever 40. They shaked our confidence in many matters yes, but the numbers 35-40 are true. We hear 112 and the police announcements during the incident in the emergency servce. Also, we know the capacity of the forensics. We can guess from there also. If the number is above 40, they call us and say don't send any bodies. In addition to this, on the one hand when the injured people start to come, they try to register and on the other hand they try to comb out the people who were in the emergency service already. Sometimes, they can also end up in the injured list. There is also some patiens who are transfered from one hospital to another. They can fall into both lists."

11. The claim that the bomber is a Cumhuriyet journo

The tweets about claims go like this;



Cumhuriyet refuted the claims with the statement "Nobody with this name was ever their correspondent".

12. ISIS claimed the attack

There is no source supporting the tweet saying ISIS claiming the responsibilty of the attack.


13. 20 license plate was published by the Security General Directorate

Cumhuriyet and T24 has reported that a list with 20 license published by the Security General Directorate(EGM) plate on it circulating through Whatsapp messages. EGM press office stated that there is no such list published by them.


Also, 5 of these plates does not corresponds with the data on e-devlet and one another plate has no e-devlet record.


14. The photographe claimed to be from Ankara is false

The photograph below is not from Ankara. The hours when the explosion occured was dark. Also, the plates on the vehicles are foreign. The photograph is from Beirut 2014.


15. One of the explosion videos is from February 17th explosion

The video claimed to belong to the explosion on March 15th actullay belongs another attack on February 17th.

The video of the February 17th explosion.


16. The TÜRGEV SMS is from the explosion in February

According to the claim, TÜRGEV has warned its student not to go to Kızılay by sending an SMS. This SMS story was published after the explosion on February 17th.