Is the new coronavirus transmitted through Coca Cola?

Is the new coronavirus transmitted through Coca Cola?

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In some posts on social media, it is claimed that the new coronavirus is transmitted through Coca Cola products. The post, shared on Facebook on 3 March 2020, was shared 58,000 times.

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The main way to spread the Covid-19 is small droplets from the nose or mouth of a person with COVID-19 by coughing or exhaling. According to the USA Centers for Disease Control, there is no evidence that the Covid-19 can spread by food. 

People can catch the virus by touching the surfaces with the virus, then touching their eyes, nose or mouth; however, it is not the main way to spread. To prevent it, it is recommended to wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before preparing or eating food. 

Also, CDC states that the risk of packaged products to spread the virus is low if they are in a fridge or at ambient temperature due to their weakness of the new coronavirus on the surfaces.

Coca Cola Turkey denied this claim and stated that all products are produced on hygienic conditions in compliance with Turkey and Europe's standards, and inspected. 

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Teyit talked to Coca Cola Turkey. The officials denied the claims and repeated the statement on its website.

Coca Cola also stated that the employees have minimal contact with the products and said that they have taken the necessary precautions against the epidemic. Since the outbreak began, the company has encouraged working far away as much as possible, saying that they provide alcohol wipes and hand sanitizers to protect employees at the facilities, as well as restrict visitor entrance to the facilities.

Coca Cola often becomes the main topic of conspiracy theories. You can reach the analyses in which we have examined other claims about Coca Cola.

The WHO recommends a healthy diet; therefore, drinking coke less can be recommended for a healthy diet.

In conclusion, the claim that Coca Cola products spread the new coronavirus is not true. Coca Cola Turkey denied the claim. Also, there is no evidence that the coronavirus can spread by food. The post in question is an example of a fabricated content.