Does the radiation emitted by 5G cause the death of birds?

Does the radiation emitted by 5G cause the death of birds?

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A post on social media claimed that a bird flight died because of the signals emitted by 5G. According to the claim, birds perished just after the 5G trials.5g kuslarin oldugu iddiasi 1

When we search the first photo by the reverse visual search method, we find the newssharedin earlier dates. The news report that the photo is not from Lahey but near Bodedern village in Anglesey Island, North Wales.


According to the results of the laboratory test, no signs of poisoning or virus were detected in the birds. It is stated that the deaths are the result of blunt trauma (injury in the body part, injury, or physical attack). The Animal and Phytosanitary Agency (APHA) of the UK has said that birds may have died due to a rapid impact on the asphalt or fence. According to the virology, bacteriology, and histopathology test results carried out on birds, it is stated that there is no risk of bird flu or any infectious disease.

Rob Taylor, one of the policemen investigating, shared a video on his Twitter account and stated that it might have occurred while they escaped from raptors or extreme weather conditions.

On Ookla's map showing the regions where 5G is located, it is possible to see that 5G is not active on the Island of Anglesey, North Wales. It seems that 5G is only active in the Swansea, Cardiff, and Llandudno regions of Wales.


Vodafone also made a statement about the claim. The company said that there were no 5G posts on the island where the incident took place and no tests were performed.

The flamingos in the other photo in the claim are not real, they are plastic. On the website of Fine Art America, the photograph of plastic flamingos on the ground is sold. The photograph, taken by Julian Humphries, is also included in the Getty Images catalog.

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In conclusion, the claim is not true. According to the results of tests on the birds, the reason for their death is blunt trauma. On the other hand, flamingos are plastic in the other photo. The post in question is an example of a false connection.