Does the photo show S-300s that were shot by Turkish UCAVs?

Does the photo show S-300s that were shot by Turkish UCAVs?

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This article is more than 3 year old.

Some posts on social media claimed that the UCAVs shot the S-300s, which are a Russian air defense missile system, and also are used by Syria. One of the posts got more than 2,000 likes.

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When we search the first two photos by reverse visual search method, we can find that the photos show the damage after the accident in the test of S-300s in the region of Ashuluk in Russia in 2016. The fall of the missile shortly after the launch can be seen in some videos, which were shared by the international press and the media of Turkey.

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The other photo shows two soldiers near the S-300 but not any damage. When we search the photo by the reverse visual search method, the post of this photo dates back to 2015. This news says that Russia gives the missile system to Iran. The photo has been used many times in news about S-300s.

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There are many series missiles known as Russia's air defense missile system. The series is known as one of the best missile defense systems in the world. S-400 is the most familiar one for Turkey. S-400 is an anti-aircraft missile system with a maximum range of 400 kilometers and can hit targets at altitudes up to 27 kilometers. Turkey also made an S-400 agreement with Russia, the first batch had reachedAnkara on July 12, 2019.

In conclusion, the claim that the Turkish UCAVs shot the S-300 is not true. The photos show the accident in the tests in Russia. The post in question is an example of a false connection.