Did the Turkish Football Federation impose some penalties on the dog getting into the pitch?

Did the Turkish Football Federation impose some penalties on the dog getting into the pitch?

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There is not any information or a declared ban for this game.

Besides, it is not possible to give legal punishments to animals.

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In the posts shared on social media, it is claimed that the Turkish Football Federation imposed three-game stadium ban on Karagümrük, ban from the stadium on the dog getting into the pitch, and a two-game ban on Zeki Yıldırım since he took the dog out in the game between Karagümrük and Giresunspor. The post, shared on Twitter on 17 February 2020, got 9,000 likes and 1,000 retweets. 


Fatih Karagümrük and Giresunspor, two teams in the First League of Turkish Football Federation, held a match on the Vefa Stadium on 16 February 2020. During the match, a dog got into the pitch a few times and stopped the match. The dog was taken out and Karagümrük Sports Club won the game. 

In the list of teams and players getting ban, published by the Turkish Football Federation on 18 February 2020, there is not any name of the players or administrators of Karagümrük. The last decision only says Guy Lucien Michel Landel, the player of Giresunspor Club, will be sent to the discipline committee because of his foul only for this game.

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Teyit reached the Karagümrük Sports Club and the Turkish Football Federation to get information. The officials of the club stated that there was not any ban on the club or the players related to this match. 

Teyit tried to reach Zeki Yıldırım, claimed to get a two-game ban, through Twitter and Instagram, but it could not get any answer.

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According to Law No. 6222 on the Prevention of Violence and Disorder in Sports, if a person commits one of the crimes defined in the law, it can be decided that one will be banned from watching games as a safety measure. But as Lawyer Korhan Perek, who is interested in sports law, tells Teyit, people are the addressee of the law. The justice system cannot punish a dog. Gurur Gaye Günal, who is also a lawyer, confirmed this information.