9 nuns in a monastery in Italy, where immigrants stayed, became pregnant?

9 nuns in a monastery in Italy, where immigrants stayed, became pregnant?

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This article is more than 6 year old.

According to the Sputnik News,Sözcü, IMP News,Yurt,Akşam, Milliyet and Hürriyet it is claimed that 9 African nuns in monastery in Italy became pregnant.

According to Giornale Italiano, the young nuns, who had benefited from the absence of the abbess in the monastery, spent the night with the migrants.

The nuns who spoke to the newspaper claim that they did not contact with the migrants:

"We haven’t done anything bad. They were in need of love and consolation. Mary was pregnant while she was a virgin, and the abbess believes in her innocence as we do. Such a miracle has been granted to us, there is no other explanation for our pregnancy. We thank God for that."

However, in the statement made by one of the migrants to the newspaper, it seems that the situation has developed differently from the way that nuns described it: "We have enjoyed having fun with the priestess and we will recommend this place to everyone. Thanks to the nuns, thanks to Italy. "

The abbess asked for quitting their job of the nuns who spent the night with the migrants.

Giornale Italiano is a parody news site that produces unreal news. The news that nine nuns were pregnant was first published on Giornale Italiano on January 20th 2017. It is not possible to find any information in another reliable sources.

In the website, it is stated in “Informazioni” (Information) that the site is not a real newspaper and that it just produces daily news. The site added, the news in their site might contain wrong information for entertainment.