Content Formats

At Teyit, we create new content types to provide correct information and appeal to your eyes and ears.

Teyit Yolu

Learning & Development: On Instagram, we not only tell visual stories but also produce modular content that you can be involved in. We are setting up Instagram as a learning platform with tests, surveys, and fact-checking games. Teyit Yolu, prepared by Ezgi Toprak, provides fact-checking techniques through cases. We used to discuss suspicious topics on Teyit’e Muhtaç.


Recaps: We know that it is challenging to keep track of what is false and what is correct on the Internet at any time. Beşire Korkmaz compiles the week's featured fact-checking pieces, and fact-checking tips on Teyitlendin newsletter. Click here to subscribe to the Teyitlendin newsletter.

Dijital Veli

Community newsletters: Newsletters are a must of our time. We call them "the community." Nilgün Yılmaz shares helpful information about the coronavirus pandemic on the Covid-19 Postası, which started in the early days of the pandemic with the support from the community, namely you. Ali Osman Arabacı prepares monthly guides for people raising children and brings you up with specialists on Dijital Veli.

t cetveli

t cetveli: On the podcast series t cetveli, prepared and presented by Emre İlkan Saklıca, Mert Can Yılmaz, and Kansu Ekin Tanca, our team members talk about the researches, developments, and innovations that come under fact-checkers radars, formulate ideas on ways to understand the prevalence of disinformation and disseminate the power of accurate information.


YouTube: Our sister company, the creative studio Fayn tackles the misinformation problem with a visual perspective and expert opinions through its mini docuseries. We used to prepare the truth about false information with Mirgün Cabas on Bize Yalan Söylediler.